Our Story

We are very Happy to Introduce Ourselves to You. Here are a few words about Ηow our Idea Started and What our Purpose is.

Our mission is to make Meganisi just as enjoyable for our guests as it is for us. Our island is a true paradise, and we want to offer an experiential journey for you to discover its wonders. Inspired by our deep connection to Meganisi, we have crafted a holistic Meganisi experience that encompasses all aspects of this beloved destination.


Being born and grown up in Meganisi long before any touristic development had taken place, we have always cherished the life on our island. Now, we wish to share our experience with the world while preserving its purity and uniqueness. The time came for us, through “Meganisi Experience’’, to invite everyone to enjoy Meganisi just as we do, discover its secret treasures, and elevate their holiday experience, all while safeguarding the island’s precious natural environment and resources.

We look forward to meeting you,

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