Getting Here

We will Gladly Welcome you to our Island. There are Many Ways you can Reach Meganisi and We are Here to Organize the Most Convenient one for You


By Flight

From the Sky

Α charter flight to Aktion Airport at Preveza from many major airports in the UK or mainland Europe. From Preveza, you can easily reach Lefkada by KTEL bus or by taxi, since the island is linked to the mainland with a bridge. From Lefkada, you can reach Meganisi by ferry from the port of Nydri.


By Ferries

From the Sea

Meganisi is connected by ferry only with the port of Nydri in Lefkada. The routes are carried out frequently, on a daily basis, all year round and the trip lasts 20 minutes.


By Private Boat

38o 39′ 44.47″ N

Of course, you can reach Meganisi with your personal yacht or sailing ship, from neighbouring countries or even further away. Τhe island has a boat marina where you can park and refuel your boat.

Meganisi getting here-map

Let us make it easier for you

Let’s Organize your Trip